Carri Mundenís cutting edge fashion label Cassette Playa creates cartoon couture and subversive sportswear. This London based designer talks about art, comics, technology and being nominated in 2007 for British fashion designer of the year.

Tell me a little about your design background and how you got interested in fashion?

I studied fashion design. I graduated in 2004. While I was styling, buying for retail I traveled to Paris quite a bit. Nicola Formichetti bought my graduate collection for his store, SIDE BY SIDE in Tokyo. It all started from that.

In 2007 you were nominated for British fashion designer of the year, along with Alexander McQueen and Burberryís Christopher Bailey. Thatís quite an honor.

Yes, itís very exciting and surreal.

They call your line Cartoon couture and subverted sportswear, do you agree?

Yes thatís a good analogy. Cartoon couture, I think I started that. Imp really inspired by cartoons and comic books and I like really clean graphic lines. A lot of it is concept driven, this idea of being a living cartoon.

Tell me how music, in particular, crunk, rap, hardcore, rave and acid house have all led to the evolution of your line?

I love music, maybe even more than fashion. It is a major part of my life. I started as a stylist and was working with MIA from the start. Around that time I was also starting the line.

The street element is very prevalent in your casting choices. Do you use models?

Tom Murphy does all my street casting for the catwalk shows. Thatís really important to me . Iím really into this idea of growing a tribe.